Amazon Is Getting Into Christmas Tree Business

September 12, 2018

© Susan Sheldon -

I feel like I have said this statement a million times, but here we go again! Amazon is seriously taking over the World. 

They keep coming up with new services or products that eliminate the need for other products or services. Why leave your house to shop when you can just Amazon Prime it? 

Now they are getting into the Holiday game. Finding a nice, real Christmas tree can be a bit of a pain. Not all trees are created equally and it's a huge pain to strap them to the roof of the car. Well, this year Amazon wants to make the Christmas tree hunting process easier. 

Beginning in November, buyers can pick between Douglas firs, Norfolk Island pines, and other options. The trees will ship in a box witnin 10 days of the tree being cut down. Customers will also get to pick their delivery date to ensure they are available and the tree arrives at a time they are ready to set it up. 

Does ordering a live Christmas tree from Amazon take away one of your family traditions? What if you end up with a tree that is full of bald spots?