Americans Think These 3 Things Are the Most Overpriced

Any guesses?

September 27, 2018

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Items prices go up all the time. It's just part of inflation. But there are quite a few items that most Americans straight up feel like they are being ripped off on when purchasing, What things do you think are entirely overpriced? 

Let's see if your opinions match those of the people polled in a recent study done by Slickdeals. Two thousand Americans were polled, and these are the three items they listed as being the MOST overpriced.

1. Concert tickets

2. College Tuition

3. Health Insurance

I whole heartedly agree with those three things especially concert tickets. With all of the fees you have to pay on top of the ticket price, it makes going to shows unaffordable for a lot of people. The other two are also unattainable for a lot of people, and that just stinks. 

Here are the rest of the top 10 Most Overpriced Items. 

4. Movie Theater Popcorn

5. Gas

6. Tickets to sporting events

7. car repairs

8. Movie tickets

9. Cigarettes

10. Car Insurance

I think this list pretty much hits the nail on the head. You can see the rest of the stuff that made the list here