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And the 10 Worst Jobs for 2017 Are?

November 28, 2017

Did your career of choice make this dreaded list? 

Every year the list of the worst jobs in America comes out and I cringe because I always see broadcasters of some form on the list. This year, there are a few different types of broadcasters on the list. 

So how does a job make this crappy list? The potential job growth for that career field is super low. Plus stress level, salary, and environment are also factors considered to make this list. 

Here they are:

1.Newspaper Reporter ($36,360)

2. Broadcaster ($37,720)

3. Logger ($36,210)

4. Enlisted Military Personnel ($27,936)

5. Pest Control Worker ($32,162)

6. Disk Jockey ($30, 080)

7. Advertising Sales Person ($48,490)

8. Firefighter ($46,870)

9. Retail Salesperson ($22,040)

10. Taxi Driver ($23,510)

So if you're considering a career change and it happens to be into one of these fields, you may want to reconsider right now. Or if you have a kid heading to college hoping to be a newspaper reporter you may want to encourage them to major in something else.