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And the Germiest Object on Your Home Goes to...?

Any guesses?

August 4, 2017

If you are a germaphobe, you will want to pay attention!

Our homes are full of germs and bacteria. They're brought in on your shoes, purse/backpacks, and on your body!  

I bet you're thinking the germiest item in your home is the toilet seat. I think it's a great answer and makes total sense considering what the commode does in your home. But nope, there's something even more disgusting. 

According to a study from Scientific Reports, your kitchen sponge is the grossest item in your home. The average sponge has bacteria density of 54 billion bacteria per cubic centimeter. Eek! But it makes sense. You're using it to maybe clean the lasagna pan, scour the inside of the sink, and wipe down the counters. There are food particles that get stuck in there and typically these sponges never dry out. Moist places are the perfect nursery for bacteria reproduction.

There is a brand of sponges that I have bought that you can wash and sanitize inside the dishwasher. Read more of the germy findings of the study here!

Ewwwww, please tell me the above stats are just fake news!!!