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And the Top 5 Websites In America Are...?

March 17, 2017

I spend an insane amount of time surfing the internet and on social media. But in my defense, I do it because it's part of my job. I get up in the morning, and I have an almost routine list of sites I visit to see what's happening and trending in the World. 

What websites do you think are the MOST visited in the United States? I bet we can all guess what the number one most visited site is with a whopping 28 billion visits per month. 

1. Google: It's become the go-to search engine website and ranks number one in sites and search engines. The phrase "Google it" didn't come out of nowhere! 

2. Youtube: Viral videos are one of the most shared things on social media and may of those videos reside on Youtube. Did you know there are 819,417,600 hours of video on the video sharing website? 

3. Facebook: Did you know there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users? And five new profiles are created on the social media platform every single second. I'll let those stats sink in. 

4. Amazon: If you're going to do some online shopping, chances are you will visit this online retail giant to do some comparative pricing. The company's net sales for 2016 totaled $136 billion dollars!

5. Yahoo: I think this one may be the only site on the list that surprised me. I guess enough people still use Yahoo email and that's why they still rank so high. 

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