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Another Mall Store Bites the Dust

This is starting to become a weekly trend!

July 28, 2017

Didn't I just write a story like this last week or maybe the week before? Do you see a trend here? More and more retail chains that are typically located within malls seem to be going under. 

Last week it was children's clothing store Gymboree. That clothing store wasn't around when I was young enough to wear the brand, but from what I understand the clothes are super expensive unless you go during a big sale. I love going to the mall and have been known to spend five hours doing a power shopping session at one the local malls. But it's getting harder because a lot of stores I once loved have closed locations or gone out of business completely. 

The mall was my hang out spot as a teenage girl. My friends and I loved going into Spencer's or Claire's to buy something we didn't need. And I remember walking by Merry-Go-Round and thinking one day I will be able to purchase clothes from there when I'm older. Of course, that never happened because that was just one of the many stores that have gone extinct. 

So what's the latest mall store to announce closings? Have you ever gone into that tea specialty store Teavana? I have taken a sample every now and again. I think I bought some loose leaf tea and a special pot a few years ago from there. Starbucks owns the tea store and announced they are closing all 379 locations

"Following a strategic review of the Teavana store business, the company concluded that despite efforts to reverse the trend through creative merchandising and new store designs, the underperformance was likely to continue," the company said in a statement.

I feel like the South Park Mall location recently was redesigned. I can't say I am shocked that this tea store failed. Have you seen the prices? Plus Starbucks can keep the brand and sell the bagged tea in their store locations. 

Again, if you're a fan of Teavana, don't cry! Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson plans to amp up the tea game and offer even more Teavana branded drinks within Starbucks. There's a prediction that the mall as we once knew it will cease to exist soon after the year 2020. I think the issue with the mall is that it's inside and dark and dingy. Or maybe it's those damn annoying kiosk people trying to sell me crap I don't need. I think if you took the concept of the Charlotte Premium Outlets which is an outside shopping area and combined it with an old school mall, you'd have a winner. Look at all the football and sports stadiums that have the option to have an open roof. What if a mall had more windows through it and also a windowed roof that could be open when weather permitted? Maybe the mall wouldn't be such a depressing, dark place. 

You can see a large list of the stores that are downsizing, set to close, or have already gone out of business here.