Charming Charlie Will Close All Locations


July 11, 2019

I never walk out of Charming Charlie without buying something. They always have awesome necklaces and I've found quite a few cute tops there. But our days of shopping at Charming Charlie will soon end because they are the latest retailer to announce they are closing. 

They filed for their second bankruptcy today and with that came the news that they have decided to close all of their locations. 

If you go on their website, you will see a message "we're sorry we are unable to take orders at this time!" They have already stopped all of their online sales after today's announcement. 

They closed 100 locations in 2017 hoping to be able to help the retailer survive today's retail world, but clearly that didn't help. They will close all 261 locations in 38 states in the near future. 

Go get those deals while you can! There are three locations in Charlotte at Birkdale Village, Belgate Village, and Stonecrest.