Apple Set to Announce Less Addictive iPhone

June 4, 2018

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In case you haven't noticed most people are attached to their phone in a very unhealthy way. Phone addiction is real, and we are seeing more and more treatment programs to help people deal with digital addiction. 

Here are a couple of fun facts about cell phones. 90% of adults have a phone which is the majority of people. Phones are continually being improved to offer users, even more, features to keep them engaged with their device. A recent study found that Americans check their phones 8 billion times per day! How does that break down per person? According to Deloitte, people in the US check their phones 46 times per day on average. 

Today, Apple will be holding the World Wide Developer's Conference. This is the event they hold every year where they announce new products and software.

One of the big announcements will like every year be a new iPhone. But this new iPhone is supposed to help people put their phones down more and live their lives. There's been a lot of blame on all of the colorful features of the iPhone for causing people, more specifically younger people to become addicted to their digital devices. 

But remember, that's the average. Some people check their phones far more than average and it seems that those that are younger are the ones spending the most time checking their device. We have become so addicted to our phones and the APPs on them that we cannot complete basic functions without them. How sad is that?

Research has found that a third of Americans cannot get through eating a meal without their phone. But what about interacting with those you are having a meal with instead of your phone? Are people just bringing their phones out to snap a quick picture of their meals because food photos are super popular on social media? Sadly, that's not the case.

What are some other things people cannot do without their phones? 75% of people admit to taking their phones into the bathroom with them! Are we that addicted that we cannot even pee without our phones? 

Cell phone addiction has yet to be added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), but experts all agree it's a real thing. Here are a few signs you may need to unplug from your phone because your usage levels have become unhealthy. 

-Your use has impacted your job or your relationships.

- You lose track of time mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

- You text, tweet, or surf the internet on your phone while driving or in other situations that could be putting you or other people in danger. 

- You feel or hear notifications even when there isn't one and check your phone. 

You can read more about phone addiction and all the mental health and physical health issues it can cause here

Want to limit the time you spend on your phone, change it to the greyscale mode and you'll find it much less appealing.