Are Adele and Sam Smith the Same Person?

That's what some people seem to think...

February 8, 2018

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If you love a crazy conspiracy theory, you are going to get a kick out of this one involving Adele and Sam Smith

We have seen so many insane celebrity conspiracy theories over the years. Remember way back in the day when people legit thought that Michael Jackson and La Toya Jackson were the same people? And then there was the theory that Katy Perry was JonBenet Ramsey, the dead child beauty Queen. Someone even created an entire video to prove this wacky theory.

And today I bring you the latest celebrity conspiracy theory that started back in 2015.

As the tweet points out, Sam Smith and Adele have never been in the same room together. And what? Multiple people actually think that Adele and Sam are the same person. Sure, both are British and write sad songs about breakups and failed love so clearly that means they are the same person...

And now this tweet that shows that Adele slowed down sounds like Sam Smith. 

Yeah, I'm not hearing it. So here's another example they've give us.

But what happens if you speed up Sam? Will he sound just like Adele? They put it the test too.

Again, I don't hear it at all especially in that last example. This theory has since spiraled out of control where some people think Halsey and Sam Smith are the same person too! Check out more of the insanity behind this ridiculous celebrity conspiracy theory here.

This just proves that in 2018, people are crazier than ever.