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Are Bare Butt Jeans About To Be A Trend?

April 13, 2017

There are some really bad fashion and beauty trends out there. I just want to know who comes up with some of these hot looks. Is it someone just trying to make a joke and see of they can get all the sheep in the herd to follow them? 

Here a list of some of the ridiculous trends I've spotted:

1. Feathered eyebrows

2. Sock Boots: Are they a sock or boot? They're both!

3. Glitter undercuts and Glitter parts: Can you imagine how long it will take to get all of that glitter out? 

But I'm not here to talk about those fugly sock boots or the itchy scalp you'll have after trying a glitter undercut because bare butt jeans are about to be a thing. Again, who in the hell comes up with this ridiculousness? 

French designer Vetements is partnering with Levis to create these new jeans. These new jeans will let you show off the cute pair of panties you are wearing or your bare ass. You can see the zippers down each cheek continuing down each leg. There's also one right in the middle. I guess these beyond gross jeans are customizable. 

Hell to the no. I mean, where would you even wear jeans like these? And can you imagine all the germs you are exposing yourself to sitting with your backside open on all these public surfaces?