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Are Phone Notifications Putting You In a Bad Mood?

So many notifications, so little time!

October 4, 2017

How often is your phone ringing or vibrating with another notification? It could be a notification from a text message, email, or that someone liked the latest selfie you shared on Instagram. There seem to be notifications for everything now. 

Do all of these notifications affect our mood negatively? If you asked me last week, I would have said maybe a bit. But after the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, I completely think that notifications can change our moods. I woke up Monday morning at 5:15am to a ton of notifications from CNN and other news organizations about the carnage in Vegas. Seeing scary news like this first thing or anytime during the day can bring about fear, anxiety, sadness, and helplessness. 

And new study backs this up! Resarchers at Nottingham Trent University found that 1 in 3 notifications impacted our moods negatively. That means that 33% of notifications "resulted in negative emotions, triggering users to feel hostile, upset, nervous, afraid or ashamed."

I would think breaking news updates about huge storms, mass murder, and threats of war would top the list of the ones that had the worst affect on our moods. Suprisingly, wifi availability and phone update notifications put us in thw worst mood. Social media notifications, on the other hand, made us happy because they are related to comments or likes we get on a photo or post. 

How are news notifications not #1 on this list?