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Are Pilotless Planes Coming?

August 9, 2017

Technology is a beautiful thing and has made life so much easier. But with all these advancements in technology also comes the loss of jobs because what could once be done by a human can now be done via a robot or computer. 

We've been hearing about driverless cars for years now. And Uber even starting testing out this new driverless technology in select markets last year. You can get an in depth explanation of how this new technology works from Popular Science

And now technology is going to take this technology a few steps further with pilotless planes! As someone who isn't thrilled by the idea of flying, the thought of flying on a plane without a pilot is giving me an anxiety attack!

Boeing, the company that builds many commercial jetliners, is testing the technology and could have pilotless planes in the air as soon as next year! Holy crap!

Althougth these planes would save airlines $35 billion per year, people in general seem less than thrilled by the idea. The survey found that only 17% of the people polled would actually fly on a pilotless plane. 

I would that if major airlines start using this technology that it will net a big savings in airfare for consumers. But airlines are pretty greedy so I am sure ticket prices will stay about the same.