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Are You Getting Sick Because Of Your Cell Phone?

February 16, 2017

Are you guilty of taking your cell phone into the bathroom when you go to use the restroom? You might want to stop now. 

I'm guilty of doing it too. I take it in there when I am out with friends just to do a quick scroll through social media or notifications to see if I missed anything. Or I am out with someone else, but wondering if the other person I am thinking about may have texted me. (guilty)

Did you know 2/3rds of people, which means 75% of people take their phones into the loo with them? But what's the big deal here? 

Well, you probably have to put your phone down at some point to pull up your pants or wipe, so that means you be putting it on the floor or some other germ covered surface in the restroom. 

And I bet if you use your phone on the potty, you're also the same person who uses it when you are eating. Yuck, all those germs on your phone are now on your hands and the food too! Maybe this is why so many people seem to be getting pink eye anymore? 

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