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Are You Suffering from "Disaster Fatigue?"

All the bad news in the World can be taking its toll.

October 16, 2017

If you watch the news or even scroll through social media, you can't help see all the bad news from all around the World. 

2017 seems like a pretty bad year for disasters, scary threats, and death. And when all of these bad things happen, news stations tend to go 24/7 with their coverage making it harder to escape from it. The images, videos, and even eyewitness accounts are really hard to watch. 

Have you been feeling more anxious, fearful, and stressed out? You may be suffering from Disaster fatigue! Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill, a psychology professor from the University of Texas at San Antonio contributes this condition to how attached most people are to checking their phones. We tend to scroll through social media right before we go to bed and again as soon as we wake up. 

We are going to bed with these stories and images in our minds and beginning our days with the same doom and gloom. So what can you do if you feel like you may be suffering from disaster fatigue? 

Take some time to unplug from social media and focus on other more positive things in your life. Also, turn off some of the notifications you receive on your phone from news sources. I found a study earlier this month that shows that all of the notifications are affecting our moods and mental health. 

Not all news is bad news. Look for the silver lining and the happy stories of good people helping others and coming together. 

Find a way to escape for a bit from the barrage of negative. You can watch cat videos. I know they always cheer me up and have been proven to give us a mental boost. 

There are also a lot of great APPs to help us meditate and focus on happier things. 

And if you're still struggling, there are people out there to help you. I've been going to therapy to deal with the daily stressers of life and other issues and I feel like it's helped me so very much.