Are You Suffering from Post Football Season Depression?

The Big game has come and gone.

February 12, 2019

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The Super Bowl has come and gone. The Patriots took home yet another trophy and were honored in yet another victory parade. And now reality is setting in for football fans! 

The season is officially over. Now somehow you can't imagine how you'll spend your Sundays because for the last few months that day rotated around watching football. If you're feeling a bit down, you're not alone. 

It's called PFSD, post-football season depression. Did you know that 64% of Americans tune in to watch football during the season? Now, what will these people do with their spare time? Could you or someone you know be suffering from PFSD? Here are a few of the signs:

1. You get angry when someone is excited about baseball season coming back soon!

2. Just seeing the number of days until football season comes back makes you feel sad. 

3. You find yourself watching clips of football on youtube and online just to get your fix. 

4. The feeling of PFSD is similar to how people feel after the Holidays come and go. 

Remember, you aren't alone. And just like Christmas, Football season will be back again later this year.