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Are Your APPs Spying On You?

October 31, 2017

Technology makes life so much easier. We can share photos and videos with family and friends all over the World without much effort. 

But can all of this technology have a bad side? With all of the cameras on our phones, computers, and tablets can they be violating our privacy. I've seen many cases of people using their cameras to violate the privacy of others and that's just wrong. But I'm not talking about that issue here.

Could some of our APPs actually be spying on us? A Google developer has discovered that some APPs can star recording us without our knowledge. Say what???? Felix Krause has discovered a setting that allows the APPs to record you at any moment. 

You can protect yourself by getting a case that covers the front and rear camera. Read other tips on how to protect yourself and tweak APP permission here.