Are Your TV Watching Habits Unhealthy?

September 21, 2018

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With all the streaming services and On Demand watching TV is more convenient than ever! Thank God we no longer have to try and plan out days and evenings around the TV schedule. Also, I am so glad we moved on from recording shows on VCRs because that just never worked out right for me. 

But all of these digital conveniences may also mean we have an unhealthy realtionship with our televisions.  Part of the problem may be that 47% of people believe that the quality of TV shows broadcast in the last 5 years are of the highest quality they have ever been! Could you be a TV addict? Here are a few telling signs.

1. Youy actively get involved in online discussions about your TV shows.

2. You have a high-quality TV.

3. The TV is the focal poing in the living room.

4. You have your own spot on the couch for TV watching. 

5. You plan out what you are going to watch on a weekly basis. 

Okay, for me most of these appky. But I do not think I'm addicted to TV. I upgraded the TV in my place because bae and I found an incredible deal on a 65 inch 4k Ultra HD TV at Target. It was too good to pass up, seriously! I do have the TV on a lot of them time, but it's sometimes just background noise while I am cleaning or doing something else. 

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