Asbestos Found in Claire's Makeup

It's time to check your kid's makeup stash!

December 29, 2017

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I remember when I would go to the Mall with my friends back when I was a teen that Claire's Boutique was always a must! Week after week, I'd always come home with some sort of jewelry or makeup product from there. The chain store has since dropped the Boutique in their name, but they are still in many malls across the country.

Claire's is all over the news today because some of the makeup sold at the store was found to contain asbestos! How in the World does asbestos get into makeup for kids and teens? 

One mother decided to have her child's makeup tested to see what it contained and that's how the discovery was made.

The store announced that it has hired a company to do lab testing on all of the products in question and they released this statement. "In the interim, we have stopped sales of the products and are issuing full refunds to concerned customers," the company said. "As always, the safety of our customers and products is our top priority."

17 items have been pulled off shelves and recalled. You can see two of them below. 

You can see a list of the makeup items that have been recalled here