Average Couples Will Fight Seven Times Before Holiday End

Holidays = extra stress

December 4, 2018

© Chernetskaya | Dreamstime.com

Tis the season for Holiday party and holiday fighting, at least according to a new study

The holiday season brings added stress to many peoples lives. This extra stress can make us agitated and hard to get along with at times. For couples, Christmas and New Year's Eve can be super romantic or horrible because it's just another day to get into an argument. 

The study found that the average couple will get into seven fights during the Holidays. What are couples most likely to fight over?

1. Where to spend the holidays

2. Budgets for gifts

3. Who has to clean up

In previous relationships, I have dealt with someone whose family didn't want to share us for the Holidays. His family felt like they deserved every Holiday including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's. I believe that this issue is something that should be discussed at the beginning of relationships because resentments are formed when your partner and their family are essentially keeping you away from your own family on the holidays. 

Some other hot topics that people tend to fight over are the real vs. fake tree debate, picking at the food before it's ready, and who should be designated driver. 

After reading how many fight couples get into during this special time of year, it's no wonder a lot of people end up filing for divorce or breaking up in January.