The Average Person Gains Over 30 Pounds In A Long-term Relationship

Weight, is this really true?

August 9, 2019

There a lot of things that change once we enter into a long-term relationship. One of those things over time is likely your weight. 

I know in my long-term relationship turned marriage that I have put on some weight, but I also just had a baby in march. So, there's that! Just how much weight are we gaining when we are committed to someone. It's likely much more than you think.

A new study from Jenny Craig found that 79% of people polled admited they gained weight once they began dating their partner. That's more than three-quarters of people. There's good news for the ladies, because we are less likely to gain weight than men.

What else did the study find? The average person gained 36 pounds! How does that end up happening? Here are the top reasons for relationship weight gain:

1. 64% said that simply feeling secure in a romantic relationship and not feeling pressure to look their best all the time was a contributing factor to weight gain.

2. 42% said that dining out frequently is the primary cause of their weight gain.

3. 34% blamed ordering takeout and cooking at home together while drinking.

It's true. When you are in a new relationship, typically there are a lot of outings that involve food. We all know that dinning out on the regular is bad because the portion sizes are huge and the calories and other junk in the food isn't good for us. 

And if you are thinking about walking down the aisle with that special someone, plan to pack on more pounds. Again, men tend to gain twice as much as women in the first year of marriage. 

You can read more about the finding below.