The Average Person Makes $8k Per Year on a Side Hustle

How are you earning your extra cash?

August 30, 2018

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It seems like everyone has some sort of side hustle going on anymore. We all are trying to earn extra money to pay off debt, support our love of designer purses, or just provide more for your family. 

Side hustles come in the form of part-time jobs, freelance work, and creating your own business selling something online like clothing or makeup. 

You may have even seen some of your friends working their side hustle hard on social media! According to a new study, 37% of Americans have a side hustle to make extra money. 

I have a side hustle doing some freelance voice over, graphic design, and web work. It's great because I choose who I want to work with and what hours I want to invest in it outside of my job at the radio station. 

If you don't have some sort of side income coming in, you may want to consider it because the average person is earning about $686 a month. If you do the math, that's an extra $8,200 a year! That could help pay down those student loans or be some fun money to use for traveling all around the World.