Just How Many Calories Do Most People Eat on Thanksgiving?


November 6, 2019
Photo of plate of turkey and all the fixings for Thanksgiving.

I wasn't planning on going shopping on Thanksgiving, I mean early Black Friday. But now that I know how many calories most people will eat on Thanksgiving, I am definitely rethinking my plans. All that walking and standing in line could help offset all those extra calories I consume throughout that day. 

The most significant food holiday of the year is quickly approaching. Honestly, though, Americans tend to eat more calories between Halloween and New Year's Eve. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average person will eat up to 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving. 

More specifically, a person will eat 3,000 during their Thanksgiving Dinner and another 1,500 snacking on appetizers, desserts, and other things. All those dips and pies add up quickly. 

What Thanksgiving items tend to be the worst things to put on our plates? Here are just a few you may want to reconsider making this year, or you can take a small taste. 

1. Sweet Potatoe Casserole: It's taste so good, but it's so unhealthy for you. A 3/4 cup serving has 285 calories and 5 grams of fat!

2. Stuffing: I am not a stuffing fan thankfully. If you love stuffing this figure may hurt your heart a bit. A 3/4 cup has 371 calories and 19 grams of fat. Eek! Thanks, I'll pass. 

3. Apple Pie: 1/8th of the pie which is a pretty tiny slice is 411 calories and 19 grams of fat. And that doesn't include if you heat it up and add a scoop of ice cream on top!

4. Mashed Potatoes with whole milk and gravy: This is one factoid I am going to ignore. I cannot imagine eating turkey on Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes. A cup is 237 calories with 9 grams of fat. 

5. Mac & Cheese: This isn't something that my family has at their dinner, but I know many do. I love a bite or two or mac and cheese, but it's not something I am going to overindulge. If you're a mac and cheese lover it will cost you 310 calories per 1 cup serving and 9 grams of fat. 

It's hard to stay on track when you can buy a 4lb. pumpkin pie for your family gatherings. 

The great news is there are so many ways to change up those traditional family recipes to make them healthier. Also, if you drink more water before the meal and during the meal, it can help you fill up faster and prevent you from going overboard.