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Baby Spas Are Now A Thing?

March 22, 2017

There is nothing like getting pampered and enjoying some R&R! I love going for a massages, manicures, pedicures, facials... they are all so relaxing. But these services tend to be a bit spendy and I only save them for special occasions. 

There's a new spa trend though and the whole concept baffles my mind. It's a spa just for babies like really young babies. 

|Baby Massage| Promotes parent-child bonding and secure attachment. This in turn facilitates their emotional and cognitive development. Find out more about the benefits of infant massage by visiting www.babyspaperth.com.au or sign up to one of our classes where you can incorporate these techniques into your bath time routine! ✨#Repost @one.happy.mum ・・・ Thankyou @babyspaperth for pampering my gorgeous girl #happiness #baby #babyspam #relax

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Their target client the parents looking to help relax their stressed out babies. They offer massages for infants as well as massage classes to teach parents how to do it at home. There's also water therapy with these unique flotation devices that the spa created.

Day 40 of 365 - WATER #repost I love this pic of my little #water baby taken at @babyspaperth a couple of months ago now. She loved every minute of her baby spa trips and went every week from 10 days old up until almost 4 months old. #365mumtastic #thestoryofmum #mumlife #perthbaby #babylove #baby #instababies #instababy #proudmama #babygirl #photoaday #potd #365challenge #samsung #daughter #ericasaurusrex #cutebaby #swim #zenbaby #babyspa -- @bartandsonn --✨

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I don't have children, but I have friends that are parents and I know relaxing a baby and getting them to calm down can sometimes be a challenge. But I am going to guess that the servies at the Baby Spa probably aren't very cheap. The spa is located in Australia and is the first of its kind. It will be interesting to see if this trend comes to the US!