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"Bambi Pose" Is The New, Hot Instagram Trend

April 20, 2017

Social media has made so many of us become sheep! Something becomes cool on Instagram or Facebook, and it seems everyone is doing it, and so we do it too! Remember all the idiots that did the #KylieJennerLipChallenge two years ago? People were legit injuring themselves, yet more people kept giving it a try! Just in case forgot the insanity, there's a video of all the fails below.


This week there's a new trend on social media. It's something called the Bambi Pose. What the hell is that? It's just the latest thing that everyone is doing. Finger mouthing, that was so last month. I bet you've seen the Bambi Pose before, but you didn't even realize it was a thing or had a name. 

Just think how cute, little deer sit. That's essentially the Bambi pose. 

@elisajohnson #bambipose

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That's it essentially. And I bet you've seen it before on social media or maybe the cover of a magazine. 

@caro_e_ #bambipose

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The most important part to getting this Bambi Pose right is having your thighs over your calves when you are seated. Hopefully this trend will go away just like the duck face pose... although there are still plenty of people trying to make that cool still. #JustStop