How Many Calories Does Being A Parent Burn?


November 7, 2019
Little boy playing while dad looks on

Want to try a new workout that can burn up to 1478 calories a day? It's called parenting. Yes, there's no need to join the fancy spin studio in town or hit up the gym after work. All of the things you do being a parent can add up to a nice calorie burn that's likely more than you'd burn at the gym. 

According to a new study, the duties of parenting burns almost 1500 calories per day which is equivalant to 42,759 burpees! Win! Win! Win! 1,000 adults with kids between 3 and 6 years were questioned about their daily activities with their kids. The average person studied burned 1478 calories a day. 

What parenting things burn the most calories? Here are the top five things:

1. Carrying a small child.

2. Dressing, feeding, and/or bathing you kid.

3. Walking with your child or pushing them in the stroller. 

4. Playing with them.

5. Cooking meals.

As someone who's a new parent, I can definitely see how all of these tasks can add up to a really great workout. Norah is almost eight months old and although she's on the smaller size, picking her up and carrying her around is not easy. Plus putting all of her stuff into the car and taking it out when we go to Target or the grocery store is also a chore. 

If you are caring for your child or children and also doing housework on top of it, you can burn even more calories. These are the chores that burn the most. 

1. Mopping

2. Vaccuming

3. Sweeping floors

4. Loading/Unloading the car

5. Grocery shopping

It's definitely a lot of work, but it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done.