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Ben Affleck Talks Alcoholism

March 15, 2017

I was nearly doing backflips last week when news broke that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were going to try and work through the issues in their marriage and give it another go! I remember when they made the announcement two years ago that they were splitting up how upset I was. They just seemed like one of those Hollywood couples that would survive all the BS and get through anything. 

We may now have a better understanding of some of the demons that were plaguing their relationship. There were all kinds of rumors when they initially announced they were splitting up. Some said Ben had cheated with the nanny. And others said that he was spending too much time and money gambling. 

But perhaps one of the real factors was his alcoholism. Ben's been a recovering alcoholic for many years and he openly shares the struggles he had getting sober. But sometimes relapse is part of recovery and people fall off the wagon. 

Ben took to his facebook page yesterday to talk about his latest treatment. 

Bravo Ben! And I love how he shouted out Jen and how she's been so supportive.