The Best Vacations Are 1000 Miles or More from Work!

You may want to consider that 300 mile beach trip this Summer!

March 6, 2019

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Have you planned your Summer vacation yet? Either way, there's some new research you should consider before committing to that trip. 

More than ever people are skipping out on using their paid vacation time. They don't want to use it all because many US workers are fearful that someone else will step in while they're gone and do their job better. Also, more people have become workaholics! 

If you are planning a trip this Summer and you want to get the most bang for your buck in the form of relaxation, you need to travel at least 1000 miles away from work! 

According to a new study of 2000 workers, most are likely to respond to work calls or emails if they are vacationing closer to work. The poll found that for most people to disconnect from work and enjoy their vacation, they had to travel at least 1000 miles away from their boss. 

What are the top 5 Work-related things we do while on vacation:

Check our email. 

Reply to an email. 

Take a call from our boss. 

Take a call from a colleague.

Work on a project.

I think a lot of people check their email because they do not want to come back after a vacation with an inbox full of messages. That can be overwhelming!

What's 1000 miles away from Charlotte? That's where I will start my vacation planning from now on!