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Beware of Smishing

It's just one of the newest ways to get scammed!

July 26, 2017

It's as if we are hearing of a new way people are scamming others every week. 

This week, the warning is over "smishing." What the heck is that?

Smishing is becoming the new phishing when it comes to scams. According to experts, instead of sending emails, hackers are increasingly using text messages to reach potential victims. Banks and other businesses aren't going to ask you for personal information via text message. And if you get a suspect text like this, call and verify it with the bank or credit card company before responding. 

Also, if you get a text from someone you don't know and it contains a link, think before you click. Scammers appear to be turning to text messages because people are ignoring emails and people tend read and respond to text messages quickly. Most text messages are opened within minutes of receiving them.

Thankfully, most phones allow you to block numbers like this trying to scam you.