The Biggest Baby Names for 2018

How will baby name trends change in 2018?

December 19, 2017

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If you're expecting a baby in 2018 you may want to opt for a name that's a nod to pop culture. According to multiple sources, these names will be the hottest and most popular for 2018! is the place to go for baby name lists.

1.They are predicting that strong female names will be the theme for 2018's baby girl names. These names include Eleanor, Margaret, Ruth, Matilda, and Bridget.

2. Names that relate to intelligence like Sophia and Pallas will be trending. 

3. And look for nods to Goddesses too in 2018 with names like Freya, Luna, Arya, and Sojourner.

4. Presidential Names will grow for both boys and girls in the New Year. Kennedy, Madison, Reagan, and Taylor are already popular for girls, while Carter, Jackson, and Tyler rank for boys. Plus Presidential last names and middle names will be hot this year as well.

5. Girl's names that begin with S will be popular choices too as will boy's names that end in S. For example Sage for a girl and Brooks for a boy.

6. Superhero names are also going to be cool for 2018. Think of names like Aurora, Ivy, Grey, Harley, and Rey for Girls and Logan, Odin, Cain, Captain, and Wade for boys.

Of course, you can always reference the top baby names for 2017 when choosing a name for your little one. You can see the full list below.