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Binge Watching TV is Bad For You

September 19, 2017

There's something cathartic for me when I curl up on the couch with my pillows, blanket, two cats, and my Netflix account. Sometimes it's just nice to have a day where you just binge on some TV shows or movies. It's a nice mental break from the stresses of life, love, and work. 

I think binge-watching helps me mentally. But a new study proves otherwise. 

We all know that living a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. It's been proven time and time again that sitting for extended periods of time can shorten your lifespan. And this is precisely why binge watching is so bad for us. 

The study conducted by Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise has been going on since 1999 way before we even knew what "binge-watching" really was. The initial study had 8900 people's TV viewing habits being monitored. 

The same group was polled 12 years later except 909 had passed away. 130 of those people died of some sort of inflammatory affliction like diabetes, kidney disease, or Alzheimer's. 

The more TV you wathe the higher the chance of suffering from one of the many inflammatory diseases. People who watch two to four hours of TV per day are 54% more likely to get diabetes, etc.

But what if I am only binge-watching TV once every two weeks? Do the hours all add up? Read more about the study here.