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A Blind Twitter Date Turns Into True Love

Don't count Twitter out as a possible place to find true love!

July 7, 2017

If you're someone who's single in 2017 or maybe you're going through a rough patch in your relationship you may have lost hope that true, amazing love stories still exist. I tried the whole online dating thing for a few months this year and I was pretty close to believing there are no more good men out there. But I know better. Online dating wasn't for me.

There's a love story that's gone viral that may renew your faith in finding someone great in the most unlikely place and under some rather bizarre circumstances. 

A London woman needed a date for her sister's wedding so she took to Twitter to find someone. 

She quickly got a response from a guy names Phil and they made a date. 

They ended up going back and fourth a bit to solidify the plans when Lila made a typo. 

And now three years later, Lila and Phil's story has gone viral because they ended up getting married! They actually didn't go to her sister's wedding together, but ended up meeting in person and the rest is history! 

You just never know when you'll have that serendipitous moment when you meet someone out of the blue and they turn out to be the one. Never lose hope!