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Bride Gets Upstaged In The Cutest Way Possible

February 28, 2017

A woman's wedding day is probably a day she's thought about since she was a little girl. She's planned out every detail and wants the day to be flawless. Nothing is worse for a Bride than getting upstaged by someone or something on your big day.

It could be that loud guest that decided to wear a white dress. Or maybe the couple that decides to share the news that they got engaged during your reception. The focus should 100% be on the bride and how amazing she looks. 

Now, this isn't something you see every day. A couple was getting married in a Connecticut aquarium when they were upstaged by a Beluga Whale. 

How adorable is that though?

And of course, there are so many great memes that have come from the photo. 

If I had to be upstaged on my wedding day I think I'd be okay with it being from an adorable animal and maybe a cute flower girl or ring boy.