Latest Wedding Trend Leaves Brides With New Hair Cut During Wedding

Move over second dress! It's all about the second hair look now.

August 23, 2018

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Wedding trends are continually changing with the season. There's always something new and fresh to do with your style, decor, or food on your big day! 

What's the newest bandwagon many brides are jumping on? You know how some brides change their dress for the reception? Well, this is taking that idea even further. These brides are still changing into a second dress for their reception, but they're also making a massive change to their hair too. And I'm not just talking about changing your hairstyle to an up-do! 

Refinery 29 said that there are many brides opting for a drastic haircut midway through their wedding. So when they come out with a whole new look, they're coming out looking completely different. 

Many brides plan to cut their hair when they return from the honeymoon so why not just do it between the ceremony and reception? According to one bride, the key is keeping the cut a secret so all of your guests are suprised. 

I think many women go to great lengths to grow their hair out before their wedding so they can have those long beachy waves or that incredible up-do! I would imagine chopping it off on your big day would be very freeing!