Bride's List of Demands of Wedding Guests Goes Viral


September 21, 2018

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I under stand why a lot of brides get super anxious about their upcoming wedding. Many girls have been planning this day out in their heads since they were very little. Also, have you seen how much it costs on average to have a wedding? 

Some brides make demands of their wedding party and other brides make very specific demands of those attending the wedding. One bride's list of demands for her guests has gone viral via a Reddit thread

An email was sent out to guests of one bride's wedding from the wedding coordinator with some very harsh rules. Some I understand like not wearing white or cream as to not upstage the bride, but the others are pretty ludicrious. 

1. Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail

2. Please do not have a full face of makeup

3. Do not record during the seramony

4. Do not check in on FB until instructed

5. Use #[REDACTED] when posting all pictures


7. Everyone will toast with Rémy. No acceptance.

8. Lastly must come with gift 75$ or more or you want be admitted.

Why do people need to bring a gift worth $75 or more? What if they traveled far to come to the wedding?  And who the hell does this chick think she is? A Royal because this sounds like a lot of the rules the Royal Wedding had for guests back in May. 

You can see more of her demands here