BrunchCon Is A Thing And It Needs To Come To Charlotte

February 1, 2017

I love, LOVE brunch! And by the way, there are so many wonderful places to enjoy Brunch in Charlotte. If I could just eat brunch for every meal, I would. Is it breakfast or is it lunch? Depending on your mood and the menu, you can have either or both.

There are lots of "CONS" like Comic-Con that are essentially conventions for comic books or cosplay. I have never gotten into any CON, until today.

So where will the very first BrunchCon take place? New York City, of course! I am losing my foodie mind right now and thinking if I can take time off to go to this event. And there's even a trailer for the event which makes me want to go even more.

All the variations on eggs benedict, french toast, and creative blood mary's and mimosas have me drooling at work. It's at the end of March. Hmm, I may need to go check out some airfare prices because Brunch gives me life.

I have eaten at quite a few amazing spots in Charlotte for Brunch. Some of my favorites include Terrace Cafe, The Famous Toastery, Passion 8, The Peculiar Rabbit, and Bistro La Bon!!!

So while there isn't a BrunchCon planned in Charlotte, although someone needs to make this happen asap, there will be one in Atlanta. I think I see a Girl's Weekend in my future full of mimosas and waffles.

Get details on the NYC event and all the other cities they are going to be having an event in here!