Burger King's New Halloween Burger Is Causing Nightmares

Is it the calories or something else?

October 18, 2018

© Knud Nielsen | Dreamstime.com

Burger King is getting into the Halloween Spirit with a few new menu items. Last week they announced a frozen drink. It's the black slushie. It's the Scary Black Cherry Fanta Slushie. 

The drink not only turns your mouth black, but according to some twitter user it changes the color of your bowel movements too! Eek! Now that's scary!

And now they are adding a scary sandwich to their menu too. It's called the Nightmare King and it will be available starting Monday complete with a bright green bun. 

With this new offering you will have more to worry about besides your poop turning some exotic color. According to researchers, this burger will increase your chance of having nightmares. 

They found that people who ate the burger were had 3.5 more nightmares than those who didn't eat it. I'm sorry, but anything with a green bun should go in the trash. What is in this burger that is increasing how many nightmares a person has and is it really safe? Fast food gets a bad rap already for all the fat, carbs, sodium, and calories.