6 Reasons People Aren't Having Babies

Parenting is hard and not for everyone!

July 6, 2018

© Inara Prusakova | Dreamstime.com

Do you know how much it costs to raise a child in 2018? The figure is about $245,000 but that can vary depending on where you live and if you have a boy or girl. This year we are seeing fewer people having babies than ever in the United States. The trend started last year and although the economy is better people are still putting off starting a family. 

The commitment to having a child involves a lot more than just spending money on food, healthcare, and other needs. Parenting takes time and patience. Having a baby is a very long-term commitment that's at least 18-years if not more. 

So why have we stopped having babies? The New York Times asked and people responded. What do you think the top reasons for not having a baby is in 2018? 

Here they are:

1. Child care is too expensive (64 percent)

2. Want more time for the children I have (54 percent)

3. Worried about the economy (49 percent)

4. Can't afford more children (44 percent)

5. Waited because of financial instability (43 percent)

6. Want more leisure time (42 percent)

The study also found that people were having fewer children than they originally planned because time and money became an issue. 

For me personally, I chose poorly when it came to my first marriage and knew that would not be the proper environment to raise a child. I am in a long-term relationship now that likely will lead to marriage and maybe a baby or two. But still, I worry about the cost involved and being able to give a child all that they need and want.