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Caffeinated Nail Polish Is Here

September 18, 2017

Want to help your nails grow faster? Apparently, caffeine is the key! Before you go and grab another cup of coffee, there's a catch! 

Nails Inc. has just launched caffeine-infused nail polish. Applying it to your nails won't give you the pep in your step like your morning latte will. Instead, this new polish is supposed to help your nails grow faster. 

☕️ CAFFEINE HIT IS SERVED ☕️ Say good morning to the worlds first coffee nail polish collection ------------ 4 rich coffee shades infused with caffeine to give your nails an instant pick me up. Catch them while they're hot! -- Shop now at nailsinc.com £11/$11 each . #nailsinc #theinceffect #caffeinehit #butfirstcoffee

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Oh and apparently the polish can give you a bit of a boost and "help stimulate regeneration for healthy, strong nails." But Dr. Shari Lipner is busting the companies claim that caffeine in the polish could help make your nails stronger. Read her explaination here

I am all for coffee-themed colors for the fall, but I'm not going to spend extra money for something that doesn't really work.