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Cam Newton's Unique Hat Collection Growing

What kind of outfit will Cam put together next?

September 26, 2017

Cam Newton has been in the news for a lot more than just his moves on the football field over the last few years. The Carolina Panthers quarterback has his unique sense of style. And it goes far beyond just the clothes he wears.

The 2015-16 NFL MVP also has a way of choosing some pretty crazy accessories to take his outfit to a whole new level. From crazy shoes to animal tails and all of his unusual hats, you just never know what he will wear next. I would love to pick his brain about how he picks his outfits? Does he do his own shopping? Does he style himself or does he pay someone to put his looks together? 

Cam's post-game press conference look was trending Sunday and Monday. Did you see the hat he was wearing? 

Here's a closer look at it and just one comment from Twitter.

It's clear Cam is a fan of statement hats. I love statement necklaces, he loves statement hats! 

Here are four hats he wore during last season. Which was your favorite?

From press conferences to release parties and charity events, it's rare to see Cam without one of his signature hats.

They can vary in color from black to even bright pink. 

Some are even adorned with feathers to add some extra pizazz! 

Most of his hats are on the larger and taller side like the one below. 

But sometimes even Cam needs something a little more low key like a beret. I think that's what kind of hat he's wearing below.

And some people even had fun with this hat choice comparing it to the one in the Arby's fastfood chain logo.

Why hasn't someone offered Cam a deal to create his own line of hats? It seems like a no brainer to me. 

P.S. Cam if you or your people are reading this, I'd love to get a tour of your closet and hat collection. Call me. Let's make it happen!