Can Dogs Help Us Live Longer?

July 24, 2018

© Isselee | Dreamstime

Every time I write a story about another positive benefit of pet ownership I use the same opening line. "A house is not a home without a pet." I grew up with pets and have two cats and cannot imagine coming home and not being greeted by my four-legged friends. 

There's a brand new study that's come out about pet ownership helping us live longer lives. But for me, I would have to make a slight change to my four-legged family. Cats are amazing, and I love them, but this study shows that dog ownership can have many health benefits for the owner. 

How can having a dog help you and your health?

Most importantly, single people, widowed people, or those living alone see the most benefit. These people were 11% less likely to get heart disease and 33% less likely to die than those who were single and didn't have a dog. Those statistics are pretty amazing. 

Plus, it's nice to come home to something or someone. Dogs provide security and a feeling of safety to their owners. If you feel safer it may mean you are less stressed out. You can see how this all makes sense. 

Another great benefit of having is a dog is that they can help you get in more steps and be more physically active. People that are less sedentary again have a better chance of not getting heart disease and other diseases that can kill you. 

There are so many amazing dogs that are in local shelters looking for their forever family.