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Carrot Lattes, Newest Coffee Trend?

June 8, 2017

I love food. And I love trying new food creations. While there have been numerous fantastic food mash-ups that have come out lately, the latest is one I just don't think I can get behind. 

Here are some of my favorites before I go bashing this new drink creation!

1.The Sushirrito: It's essentially a burrito, but it's filled with the contents of your favorite sushi roll. If you want to get one in Charlotte, Bonsai Fusion inside the 7th Street Market has them, and they are amazing. Plus they also have Poke bowls which are my favorite too. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We will be closed tomorrow so stop by for your sushi burrito fix today! We are open till 3pm -- . . . . . #bonsaifusion #sushi #sushiroll #sushiburrito #chopchop #oishi #instafood #foodstagram #foodporn #sushiporn #memorialday #mdw #weekendvibes #queencity #uptowncharlotte #charlotte #clt #cltagenda #clt5 #cltsushi #cltfood #clteats #eatclt #eatsofclt #charlottesgotalot

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2. Fruit Sushi: If you're looking for something sweet and you want to get your fruit in, this is a great option. And it's so easy to make at home with this recipe

Save room for dessert #fruitsushi @socialhouse7

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3. Ramen Noodle Burger: What the what? Last year Red Robin offered this and I had to try it. I loved Ramen as a kid. Yes, that cheapo Ramen that's full of sodium. The ramen is used to create the bun. It's amazing. Is it something I'd eat every week? No, but every few months I could. 

-- x -- Catch the wagyu beef ramen burger from Rated R Burger. This has gotta be one of the hottest items at our event! Coming to you June 16-18. --:@demosra

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So what's this new creation I am not feeling? It's something called a Carrot Latte

Have I tried one? No!! I am not a fan of carrots although I know they are really good for you. 

Are there actual carrots in the coffee? No. So how is it called a carrot latte? The latte is served in a dirty, hollowed out carrot!

I'll stick to a good old fashion mug, tumbler, or paper cup Thank you!