Cat Climbs Owner's Head During TV Interview

This isn't something you see everyday!

July 9, 2018

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If you own a cat or have ever had a cat, you know they are very independent and tend to do whatever they want when they want to do it. My biggest issue with one of my cats is she wants to have her breakfast at 4 am! She will walk all over me until I wake up. If that doesn't work, she gets up on my makeup vanity and starts throwing things off of it until I wake up and crack open a can for her. Ugh! It's annoying, but I lover her.

There's one cat that's become a viral sensation because it decided to climb its owner's head during his appearance on TV. Jerzy Targalski was speaking about the Polish Supreme Court crisis. In the middle of the interview, the cat jumped on his shoulder. How do you think you would react if your cat climbed on your head while you were on TV? I most likely would lose it and not be able to continue. But not Jerzy. 

The portion of the video with the cat was cut out of his segment on TV, but thankfully we have the out takes and it's gone viral!