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Cats Have Feelings Too According To Science

March 28, 2017

People tend to rag on cats because they are so independent. Some people believe cats are plotting their owner's demise and that they are sneaky and have no feelings. But I am here to tell you that is the farthest thing from the truth. 

Cats have feelings too and a new study proves it! Take that feline haters!

Every morning when I am getting ready for work my two cats sit in the bathroom while I shower. The small one sits on the ledge of the tub and the big one on the floor close by. Some of my friends seem to think they are only there to make sure nothing happens to me so they can continue to be fed and tended to, but that is not the case at all. I always liked to think they were there to just watch over me.

A new study conducted at Oregon State University found that cats love their human more than they love food! Essentially they put 50 cats to the test and deprived them of food, human contact, and toys for an extended period. When given the option most cats chose human interaction over both food and toys once given a chance! Ha, take that dog lovers! 

How should we celebrate this fantastic news? With a funny cat video compilation of course.