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Celebrate Ugly Christmas Sweater Day With These Crazy Trends

Because wearing an ugly sweater in 2017 isn't enough!

December 11, 2017

There are some pretty ridiculous "holidays" that celebrate some oddball things throughout the year. There are days dedicated to celebrating coffee, to chocolate, and even suckling pig day. There seems to be a celebration of everything anymore.

Friday is one of those odd Holidays that I can get behind. Friday, December 15th, is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. It always falls on the third Friday of the month probably because workplace attire is a bit lax on Fridays. So if you don't have an ugly Christmas sweater, you may want to get one because wearing one on Friday will be so much fun!

You can find Ugly Christmas sweaters at most stores or if you're feeling crafty, you can make your own too. The possibilities of the ugliness are only limited by your level of creativity.

And if you want to step up your game this year, you can rock an Ugly Christmas Suit, romper, or even a dress.

I actually think that dress above is adorable! I woould totally wear that to work!

Also if you're hosting a holiday gathering this year, you could always go with the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme. I am going to one on Saturday and I am excited to wear my "gangsta wrapper" sweater. 

Oh, and I found this trend to help the man in your life be the standout on Friday or at any Ugly sweater party. They're called Beardaments and they are insane. 

And don't worry ladies, we have you covered too. You can rock the latest eyebrow trend. Check out the Christmas tree eyebrows below. 

Here's hoping these weird eyebrow trends go away in 2018!