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Celebrity Couple Alert: Brad & J.Law?

December 13, 2017

The holiday season is also known as cuffing season. It's the time of year when people who are single decide to be tied down in a relationship or cuffed. 

Could this be the case for A-lister actors Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence

Before we talk about their rumored romance, we need to address how incredible Brad looks lately. While a lot of people really adored him with Angelina Jolie, it's clear that their split did Brad some good. He's 54 and doesn't look a day over 40! 

Multiple sources are saying that Brad and Jennifer have been spending a lot of late nights together. 

JLaw has been single since earlier this Fall when she and Darren Aronofsky broke up.

What do you think of Jennifer and Brad being a possible couple? Maybe they're just friends or working on some sort of project together. I need to see photographic proof of their late night meetings before I start coming up with a cute celebrity couple name for them.