5 Things You Use Daily that are Dirtier Than a Public Toilet

You may want to stock up on hand sanitizer!

February 26, 2019

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Not all public restrooms are created equally. There are some that you can use any time of day and find that they are spotless. Others though, seem like they never get cleaned and look like something out of a horror movie. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to go so bad that you need just to use the one that is the closest and that may not be the cleanest one. 

Toilets are covered in bacteria even in the cleanest homes, but there are some everyday items that we are all using that are far dirtier than a public toilet seat. For fun, I am going to give you them from the fifth to the first.

5 Things that are Dirtier Than a Public Toilet Seat:

5. Elevator Buttons:  In case you didn't know some people are like animals. They use the restroom, and they don't wash their hands. They put their hands in places they shouldn't and again fail to at least use hand sanitizer. Elevator buttons are touched by so many people so it should be no surprise that these buttons have 40 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.

4. Restaurant Menus: This one may have you changing your restaurant eating habits. I bet you wash your hands before you pick up the menu to order your food. Well, you are doing it all wrong because those menus are festering with nastiness from all the people before you that handled them. Gag! According to experts, if the menu is one that is plastic or laminated, it's even more likely to harbor harmful bacteria. Restaurants should be cleaning the menus with disinfectant on a regular basis, but not all of them do this. From now on, it's best to sit down, order your food, and then wash your hands! 

3. Computer Keyboards: We do a lot of things while we are working on our computers like cough, sneeze, eat, etc. You can only imagine how much nastiness hangs out on your keyboard. Just how much dirtier are keyboard than public toilets? Oh, just 20,0000 times dirtier!  

2. Money: Have you ever seen where people put their money sometimes? Let's not even consider the cash that's being put into a stripper's g-string. I am talking about everyday people stuffing cash and money into their bra, panties, and sweaty socks. What are the things most likely found on cash? Poop, mold, and cocaine!!! 

1. Your Phone: Our phones come everywhere with us so this should not surprise you. I bet you bring your phone into your bathroom at home and even public restrooms. Our phones are to times dirtier than a toilet seat. Yuck! 

What are some other things that made the dirtier than a toilet seat list? See below.

I have a feeling there will be some people going on a cleaning and disinfecting spree today!