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Charlotte Drivers Rank High On Worst Drivers List

Is it all the construction on 77?

June 28, 2017

Congratulations, Charlotte! We made another not so great list. 

Earlier this year, Charlotteans were voted some of the rudest and least attractive according to two different studies. And now the people of Charlotte are making the news because we are also some of the worst drivers in the country! 

The study was conducted by QuoteWizard and found that Charlotte ranked 14th on a list of the 75 most populated cities. Ouch!! Their findings are based on things like incident counts like accidents, speeding tickets, DUI's, and traffic citations. 

Being in radio for almost 20-years, I have driven in many different cities like Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and New York City. I have seen my fair share of bad drivers. I think the biggest issue I see driving in Charlotte is people weaving in and out of traffic and texting and driving. Oh and let's not talk even talk about how Charlotte people drive when it's raining... 

I've also seen a lot of crazy road rage incidents as well. Last Summer I had a guy flip out because I honked my horn because he almost side swiped me. I was just giving him a heads up and not trying to start anything. He immediately got behind me and got right up on my back bumper. At the red light, he proceeded to slam into me multiple times and try to push my car out into traffic.