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Christina Aguilera Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston at the AMAs

Watch her full performance here!

November 20, 2017

I was obsessed with Whitney Houston when I was growing up. I performed "The Greatest Love of All" time and time again on my swing set for my family in my grandmother's backyard in Pa. She was so talented and had an absolute energy about her that could light up a room.

Sadly, she fell on hard times and found herself in the cycle of drug addiction. The addiction took so much from her including her voice and eventually her life in 2012.

If you missed the American Music Awards last night, you missed Christina Aguilera's tribute to Whitney. If you've watched any award shows you know they always like to get crowd reaction footage from other celebrities sitting in the audience. Pink was caught making quite the face when Christina was doing her thang. 

Pink denies that her facial expression had anything to do with the performance. You can see Christina's BodyGuard medly below. 

Did you think her tribute did Whitney's talent justice? Or was it just meh?