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Clown from 'It' Dancing Videos Go Viral

Pennywise doesn't seem so scary now.

September 25, 2017

Twitter is having a field day with videos of Pennywise, the creepy clown from Stephen King's It, dancing to random songs.

The clown is what nightmares are made of and that's why I haven't gone to see the movie yet to spite all of the great reviews. But a new Pennywise meme has gone viral that makes the clown look a lot less scary. People are taking a short clip from the movie where Pennywise is seen dancing on stage and adding all different songs. 

Like remember that horrible song from 1998 "Barbie Girl" by Aqua? 

Or how about the 80's hit "Take On Me", there's a video for that one too.

The video with Pharrell Williams' "Happy" may be my personal favorite. 

There's an entire Twitter account, @Pennywise_dance, that shares 30 different varities of the clown dancing to all kinds of music. 

By the way, the It movie remake just broke records at the box office. It's officially the highest grossing horror movie ever beating out The Exorcist. After watching this Pennywise dancing videos he doesn't seem so scar after all. Maybe I'll break down and see the movie in theaters.