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CLT Burger Joint Called Out For Menu Item's Name

Someone may have wanted to think twice about this one.

October 30, 2017

I make an effort to think before I open my mouth. This applies when I'm at work speaking on the radio, engaging with friends/people, or writing something in the digital/social media world. Could what you're writing be misconstrued as offensive or off-color to some people? When in doubt, I follow the rule of leaving it out or choose another way to approach it. 

A Charlotte burger restaurant is making headlines after a traveler visited their Charlotte-Douglass Aiport location and was offended by an item on the menu. If you've been to Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, you know they are known for some fantastic burgers and shakes. But this breakfast item is probably something they don't want to be associated with because people are agitated. 

In the tweet of the menu you can see an item named the Boarder Patrol scramble and The dish includes eggs, jalapeno peppers, jalapeno bacon and Pepper Jack cheese, with salsa and sour cream on top.

As of right now, it seems the burger restaurant has yet to issue a statement, but it seems the item has disappeared from any menu I could find online.

Are you offended by the scrambles name?